Explore a unique history of Kansas City with the cutting-edge VoiceMap app. This driving tour is not your typical historical excursion—it’s a 90+ minute immersive adventure weaving through UMKC and concluding at the historic Kansas City Museum in the northeast. Along the way, you’ll be captivated by narrators from both past and present, revealing the rich LGBTQ history that has resonated nationwide.

Discover legendary LGBTQ+ sites, including iconic gay bars, Womontown, the Liberty Memorial, and the lively Jazz District. With over 20 specific destinations and nods to many more, this tour offers a comprehensive glimpse into the city’s diverse heritage. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—download the VoiceMap app, add the KC Rainbow Tour to your library, and uncover hidden gems while embracing the rainbow of Kansas City’s history. Create lasting memories as you commence your journey into the heart of the city’s unique and storied past.

Download the VoiceMap app to join the Kansas City Rainbow Tour:

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